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QDS Premium DVD

This is Gebben Miles' first Sporting Clays Instructional DVD. Listen as Gebben talks you through his pre-shot routine and shows you the ten key techniques he uses to be a world class shooter. With integrated motion-graphics and professional grade camera work, there isn't a more effective instructional DVD out there. Flip through chapters, rewind shots, and pause after key information is put on the screen. Works great as a reference tool both on and off the course. This DVD will improve your shooting immediately.

Digital Download

For your convenience we have supplied the option to download a digital copy of Gebben's Instructional DVD. Buy the digital download and you will receive a redemption email containing instructions on how to download.

Apparel and Goods

Quiet Dust Shooting offers an assortment of gear and other goods for shooters. Check out our gear and look good while you shoot.

In January of 2012 pro-shooter Gebben Miles decided to create a Sporting Clay instructional video that would set a new standard of quality and effectiveness in the industry. He teamed up with a group of fellow shooters who all had a passion for the sport and a desire to see it grow, and set to work.

What started as a simple idea of providing the shooting community with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to shoot well, quickly grew into the company and movement that is now Quiet Dust Shooting. QDS is a company created by shooters for shooters, which means that all of our products are created and tested by people who love the sport and who are involved in the Sporting Clay community themselves.

Our philosophy as a business is to grow and adapt into the platform that shooters need it to be, from apparel to equipment and beyond. We believe that there is greatness in you, and its our passion to help you discover it.